49 CC Mitsubishi
Engine Rebuild Instructions
Use this guide for complete rebuild only.

Remove fuse
Remove engine
Remove the pull starter and extender screws ( pt. 101, 102, 104, )
Remove pull start catch nut (pt. 13)  and pull start catch (pt. 16)
Thread pull start catch nut back on joint shaft (pt#105) 3 turns
Loosen joint shaft (105) 2 turns
Place pry bar behind start rotor (pt#100) and apply light pressure
Shock pull start catch nut ( pop it with a hammer) 2 times.
Remove joint shaft and remove electric starter.
If starter is not free start over.


Remove Spark Plug ( 54)
Plastic cover (58, 53)
Fan Cover (41)

Lock flywheel (31)
Locking Flywheel Use pry bar or rubber coated pliers handle as a jam, do not jam against fan blade.
Remove clutch bolts ( 40)
Remove flywheel  (31) use harmonic balance puller , puller bolts or flywheel puller.
Remove screws (52)
Remove Cylinder (51)
Remove Wrist pin clips, wrist pin  (piston pin) (47) and bearing  (44)
Remove Piston (46)

Remove crankcase bolts (30)
Keys (98, 23)
Seperate CrankCase.
Install New Crankcase Gasket #20
Install New Bearings (21)
Install new Seals ( 18, 29)
Install New Piston (46) and ring set
Install new Wrist pin clips, wrist pin  (piston pin) (47) and bearing  (44)
Reasemble engine ( do not pass
Keys 98, 23 through seals 18, 29)