Testing Chinese Magneto CDI system
Look for current brakes (shorts)
Test coils
Test CDI Module

Capacitive Discharge Ignition System
Stator, Pick-Up (sensor or trigger), External CDI Module and Ignition (externa)l Coil

Rotor with magnets revolves around stator coils producing an EM Field
This current is grounded directly into the frame.

Pickup or Trigger Coil emits pulses, to CDI

CDI brakes stator coil ground, current flows to Ignition coil.

Ignition (external) Coil Steps up stator coil current, current arcs across plug gap.

If a good CDI module is available replace CDI
1 Check voltage to Ignition Coil - Voltage present check ignition coil.
2 No voltage to ignition coil check braking continuity at Trigger Coil . No braking replace trigger
3 Trigger good check stator coil.
16 Stator
CDI16 Coil

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