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Four Stroke Compression Leak down Test
Tool : Four Stroke Leak Down Tester

Engines are compressors, compression testing is the best troubleshooting and general diagnostic tool available for quick condition check.

Remove the spark plug wire and plug
Inspect the plug for color and deposits , light tan is good
Set piston TDC
Thread tool into the plug hole
Pressurize 6 to 8 PSI

Air escaping from the carburetor = intake valve problems
Air escaping from the exhaust =  exhaust valve problems
Air escaping from the crankcase =  ring problems
Bubbling sounds at the head gasket =  blown head gasket

Tool: Compression Tester
Turn ignition off
Remove spark plug
Thread tool into the spark plug hole
Set throttle wide open
Turn engine over five or six times
Check reading several times ( Reset tool to zero after each test)

If compression is less than 100PSI perform leakdown test

No Compression Tester?
Place your thumb over the spark plug hole ( press down hard )
Turn the engine over
If air is not escaping around your thumb you have low or no compression

Simple troubleshoot low compression engine
Put one tsp. of oil in the cylinder through the spark plug hole.
Run compression test
Higher compression = ring problem
No compression change = valve problem  ( try checking valve tappet clearance then retest)