49 CC Mitsubishi
Electric Starter Replacement Instructions

Remove fuse
Remove the pull starter and extender screws ( pt. 101, 102, 104, )
Remove pull start catch nut (pt. 13)  and pull start catch (pt. 16)
Thread pull start catch nut back on joint shaft (pt#105) 3 turns
Loosen joint shaft (105) 2 turns
Place pry bar behind start rotor (pt#100) and apply light pressure
Shock pull start catch nut ( pop it with a hammer) 2 times.
Remove joint shaft and remove electric starter.
If starter is not free start over.
Place new starter on crankshaft, be sure to align key (pt. 98)  and keyway on starter.
Replace joint shaft and tighten
Replace pull start catch
Replace pull start catch nut
Replace extender screws
Replace pull start
Replace fuse