Pay close attention while removing the wheel, take a close look at the position and locations of all parts you remove or adjust.
Remove brake bolts and brake cable from brake. Remove the wheel .On the sprocket side of the wheel you will see two small indentations on the bearing retainer. Unscrew the retainer, using a heavy nail or a punch and hammer, tap the indentation on the bearing retainer (the thread is reversed) until it turns free. Continue unscrewing the retainer until it can be removed. Remove the outer part of the bearing, do this on a piece of paper because ball bearings will fall out. Remove the inner bearing race; use a hammer to tap a chisel or flat head screwdriver to unscrew the ring. (These threads are not reversed). After cleaning the wheel threads place the sprocket on the new bearing (the writing will be to the outside).
Install freewheel
 Screw the bearing onto the wheel and replace wheel. Remember to replace the bake bolt and cable.
Adjust chain
Adjust brake
 Before installing HP freewheels remove paint from thread or bearing will need to be torqued on making removal difficult.